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Good Times In A Home I Missed

The che show certainly went smoother than the night before. A lot of you were kind of enough to show up right when the show started to catch the first bands. This is something we really appreciate and I think you were all happy that you did. Twin Cabins performed for their first time and we were incredibly impressed by their tunes. FIDLAR came to San Diego for their first time and we all danced and screamed the words to “Dammit”. Crystal Antlers performed an incredible set and JAPANTHER put the same massive smile on our face that they always are able to do. It was great to see all of you and hang out for the first time in a really long while. We are always excited to bring you shows at the che and as long as you keep coming and bringing friends, we will keep putting together events for you. We miss you all and you’ll be seeing more from us soon, I assure you. Thanks as always to the che collective for their amazing help and for cooking us delicious chili.


(pictures are from Gabi Espinosa

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